Building a Better Clarence-Rockland,
One Person at a Time.

Core / Strategic Objective:

“Aspire to provide quality soccer training, soccer development and education for the benefit of the individual, RUSC and soccer within Clarence-Rockland”

The aims of RUSC are as follows:

  • To encourage and promote the development of football within the community of Clarence-Rockland , with an emphasis on youth teams.
  • The club will strive to provide an opportunity for players of both sexes to participate in soccer at all age levels.
  • The club will seek to compete at the highest possible level.
  • We will endeavor to facilitate the provision of the best playing amenities and equipment available to us in line with the growth of sport in Clarence-Rockland.

We will achieve the above by:

  • Encouraging the development of soccer at all levels with the emphasis on giving priority to local residents.
  • Developing and promoting policy of equal opportunity where the best possible facilities are made available for all irrespective of race, age or gender.
  • Encouraging sportsmanship and fair competition at the highest possible levels.
  • Supporting the development of soccer and sport in general.
  • Supporting attempts to improve sporting venues and facilities.

We are committed to using sport based facilities to:

  • Build young people’s self-confidence, self-esteem and self-worth.
  • Develop team work and leadership skills.
  • Help young people discover purpose and develop vision.
  • Encourage respect for others.
  • Include young people of all abilities.
  • Develop a sense of fair play.

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